problem with repainting laaers

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    Hello to the entire TS2021 community. He introduces me here in order to ask a question to moderators or whoever sees that thread first. You will see a while ago I decided to install the repainted laaer wagons of christrains from the holdmayr and transfesa, because when I create a free stage and put the wagons on the tracks to go to test them later, I get an error message that says the following "broken-modified compositions". As you can see in the screenshot attached below, do you know what this problem may be due to? Is there a patch or correction to solve this problem? I hope your answers as soon as possible. Best regards <img src="" alt="^^" class="smiley" srcset="[email protected] 2x" height="23" data-tooltip="grin" aria-label="grin" id="wscSmiley_0_0">
  • Hi, perfect and thanks to let me know them, asi is the first time i write into the forum, just putted the text in a code without having checked before, sorry